Welcome to DiXi, an innovative Italian start-up born in the biomedical sphere.

Our desire was to create a team of multi-sectorial professionals in order to develop both hi-tech products and hi-tech solutions in the field of air purification.

Our company mission statement has this objective: prevention, healing, and wellness of people.

Our mission is to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria, to heal and create a healthy environment and promote the wellness of people’s health, in a convenient, efficient and affordable way.  Our pursuit for perfection and innovation at preliminary planning stages, together with sound investment in research and development in creating our first patent of a humeral arthroscopic prosthetic, has awarded DiXi a predominant position in the “European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020” in Italy, for a smart health project opportunity. These are challenging but exciting times and this European initiative in health allows DiXi to share its knowledge and resources to improve the health care system not only in Europe but more importantly, in the world

DiXi s.r.l.s

Via del marinaio, 18
33170 Pordenone (Italy)
P.Iva: 01832720930