Febri Scan

COVID-19: Fever control

The FebriScan is an innovative solution for the detection of possible corona virus infected persons, which is based on a high-precision temperature image evaluation. It is a quick to set up access monitoring system with a non-contact fever measurement method, which can be installed either temporarily in public places or stationary in the entrance area of a company. The FebriScan consists of three components: an intelligent infrared camera, a temperature reference body and a specially developed FeverScreening App. In their interplay, these components enable the body temperature to be recorded with the highest accuracy. To guarantee the reliability of the temperature display, the FebriScan has numerous integrated fully automatic self-test functions. Further advantages: uncomplicated installation, fast measuring process, location-independent use. The graphical representation of the result appears on the screen as a red-green display. In this case, red stands for increased temperature or fever, green indicates an inconspicuous measurement.

This is how the test works:

The detection with FebriScan complies with the IEC 80601-2-
59:2017 standard. In the process the infrared camera captures
the face of the person. The special advantage:
the temperature is measured at the most heat-intensive point on
the face – namely the inner eyelid angle of the eye, which shows the
actual body temperature. In combination with the high-precision
temperature reference, our FeverScreening App then verifies the detection
result. Only in this way is it possible to make a precise statement
about body temperature. Important: In order for the thermal
imaging camera to capture the relevant area, glasses must not be
worn during the measurement.

3 variants for different installation conditions:

The configuration of the FebriScan depends on the distance between
the face and the infrared camera, which – depending on the
installation circumstances – can be adjusted individually. Depending
on the distance specification, the lens of the camera is selected accordingly,
whereas the monitor and the temperature reference body
are constant elements in the COVID-19 fever control developed by

Key Features:

  • High-precision detection of elevated body temperatures according to the IEC 80601-2-59:2017 standard, automatic adjustment with temperature reference.
  • Integrated fully automatic self-test functions for highest reliability of temperature measurement
  • 3 variants for different distances between camera and face, e.g. due to local installation conditions
  • Designed for 24/7 continuous operation
  • Intuitive graphical display

Key Advantages:

  • Recording of the body temperature on the inner corner of the upper and lower eye lids (canthi): Thus the measurement result reflects the actual body temperature value. On the other hand, if the face is measured over a large area, the body temperature is underestimated.
  • Fast measuring process and evaluation (< 1 second)
  • Applicable independent of location: e.g. companies, authorities, railway stations, airports, etc.
  • Easy installation

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