DiXi Clean Air

We take the power of UV rays and transform them into the efficient air purification system known as Dixi Clean Air. Dixi Clean Air is a custom solution that offers various benefits such as; prevention, comfort, and health, thanks to the antibacterial power of UV lights, and economic convenience and turnkey solutions as it can be easily installed in a pre-existing air handling unit and does not require any maintenance.

DiXi Clean Air allows at the same time an energy saving, an improvement of the air quality and avoids the use of polluting chemical substances.

Experts in air purification by ship

The use of UV purification systems finds space in various sectors, from hospitals (and more generally in the healthcare sector) to offices, DiXi with DiXi Clean Air has specialized in applications related to the cruise industry and large ships using teams specialized in on-board installation.

How it works DiXi Clean Air

Indoor air pollution is 2-5 times higher than levels of environmental pollution. The technology utilized by Dixi Clean Air rapidly attacks and efficiently destroys harmful microorganisms by using an extraordinary biochemical process. The UV lights use ultraviolet radiation at UV-C wavelength. At this wavelength, the DNA or RNA of these unwanted microorganisms can be modified, stopping them from reproducing or becoming harmful to our health. This system, which operates 24 hours a day, is able to eliminate over 95% of virus, bacterias, and molds in just the first 90 minutes of operation. It also offers relief from asthma and allergy symptoms and a general improvement in overall health and air quality.

Customizable installation and assistance

The UV lamp modules supplied vary according to requirements, which is why each of our products is fully customizable.

Particular attention is paid to the electrical and electronic components, in order to adapt it to each individual project.DiXi Clean Air also makes use of a team of its own specialized technicians for the pre and post installation phases. From the germicidal sizing of the ATU (Air Treatment Unit) to the definition of the necessary power, from the detection of the installation positions to the subsequent actual installation phase. DiXi Clean Air also provides, upon request, a remote assistance service by monitoring every single lamp module.

Features and management of the UV-C KIT

Characteristics of the UV-C KIT for sanitization

For a correct sanitization from organic material and biofilm, present in the air and on the UTA cooling batteries (on which bacteria proliferate), an adequate sizing of the kit of germicidal UV-C lamps is fundamental.

It is also very important, during the design phase, the positioning of an air filter that precedes the disinfection zone with UV-C germicidal lamp kit.

The installation of germicidal lamps in air conditioning systems, in addition to disinfecting the circulating air, creates a healthier environment for those who live there, increases the life of the UTA batteries, improves the efficiency of the heat exchangers and reduces operations of maintenance.

UV-C KIT management for sanitization

The sanitization system, which is dimensioned according to the final application, uses a redundant system consisting of two UV-C KITs managed by a web controller.

Each of the two kits is made up of N UV-C lamps and relative drivers, connected together.

To verify correct operation, each UV-C lamp and its driver can be equipped with various sensors (current, voltage, temperature, light, smoke) all connected to the web control unit. The latter can be managed by the general home automation of the environment (structure, home, company) in which the UTA air conditioning battery is located.

Data sheet

Germicidal lamps UV-C from 11W to 95W

  • Effective, environmentally friendly purification without chemicals
  • Long lifetime due to specific coating
  • Germicidal UV-C lamps
  • Low pressure discharge lamp
  • 100% RoHS-conform
  • Wide range of form factors
  • With long lasting UV-C transparent coating
  • Glass tube
  • Single peak UV-C at 254nm
  • Lead-free
  • Ozone-free
  • High efficiency (30% UV-C power)
  • Very low mercury content
  • “Made in Europe”

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